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In Memory of Calvin Perrigo

Andrew Calvin Perrigo June 21, 1925 -  January 31, 1994

In the 20th century, few men leave behind a spiritual legacy like that of Calvin Perrigo. In death and the funeral proceedings, he showed us as he did in life, a more excellent way. Brevity here would not allow me a full tribute of God's grace in this man's life, but I want you to consider certain contributions to the cause. Brother Perrigo in his humility would blush at statements of praise. However, when it is done in the bliss and brightness of the Lord, it becomes acceptable.

Calvin Perrigo was a "Preacher of Preachers", a "Pastor of Pastors", and the "Preachers Pastor". He was my dearest friend, and my Pastor for 15 years. I, along with countless others,  miss his wisdom and divine direction and we will never forget it. Many ministers have testified of the direct impact that Elder Calvin Perrigo had upon their work in the Lord, including the 15 public acknowledgements at Old Union Ministers School. Brother Perrigo had a special interest in the education and maturity of young preachers and watched over their interests. It was this love for young preachers that multiplied his talents, for God kept sending young ministers to sit under his tutorage. Of the things that God directed him to preach, he would have us remember what our forefathers stood for and how that he taught us to be steadfast in Baptist doctrine. Elder Calvin Perrigo taught us from the Word of God that fortitude and felicity are found in faithfulness. He taught us to do it "according to the pattern" if we wanted power and perseverance. He taught that preaching with power required piety or it was a paradox to people. He taught glory, goodness and godliness as a gift from a gracious God. He taught great heights could be achieved if great humility was assumed. He taught the Bride was bought with the Blood of the Lamb. He lived and taught determination, discipline, devotion and dedication. He preached Hell hot and Heaven sweet. He preached salvation from sin through the Savior that is scriptural when it's subjective and sanctifying. He kept back nothing that was profitable unto us by preaching the whole council of God. He encouraged people to buy the truth and sell it not.

Elder Calvin Perrigo loved the word of God, the work of God and the will of God. He expected us not only to recognize the accuracy of God's Word but also its authority. In a sermon preached on February 15, 1981 he said "God calls a man, God prepares the man, God places the man, and God goes with the man." Most of all Calvin Perrigo was a Pastor. He had a pastorate that left its mark on the people that he ministered to and will remain for generations to come. This was not done through a strategic, diabolical, or philosophical plan but through the preaching of solid Biblical truths as directed by the Spirit of the Lord. Brother Perrigo was a soldier of the Savior who kept his vows and is now at home with the Lord. We miss the presence of Calvin Perrigo, but the Lord now enjoys his presence.

Tributes to Calvin Perrigo from his peers:

"A man of God that put God and Church first."

"In dedication in the cause of God, exceeded all others."

"He was what he preached."

"A good sence of humor that never dishonored God."

"Very humble, dedicated and zealous to the Glory of God and the benefit of mankind."

"A Staunch Baptist, stabilizing influence where unrest and confusion existed."

"He was especially gifted in principles of Baptist Doctrine, and training young preachers to be good pastors."

"A Scholar that loved lost souls."

"An impeccable role model for all ages."

"He had great administrative abilities, was an organizer, and made great sacrifices to bring unity between clergy, churches and Associations."

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