Lesson 2

The Book of Genesis

1. "Genesis" means origin, source, or begetting. "In the beginning".

2. Genesis is the first division of the Pentateuch penned by Moses. (Matt. 5:17;30, John 7:21-23)

3. Throughout this study of the Bible we will see that most of the books of the Bible refer back to the contents of Genesis, either directly or indirectly. Thus intensifying a more earnest desire to comprehend Gods purpose for giving us these facts.

The two main divisions: Part I covering 4 highlighted events:

1. The Creation Chapters 1 & 2

2. The Fall of Man Chapters 3 & 4

3. The Flood Chapters 5 - 9

4. Tower of Babel Chapters 10 & 11

Part II covering 4 leading persons:

1. Abraham (Father of Faith) Chapters 12-23

2. Isaac (Beloved Son) Chapters 24-26

3. Jacob (Name Changed to Israel) Chapters 27-36

4. Joseph (Life of Suffering & Glory) " 37-50

The Creation Chapters 1 & 2
Colossians 1:14-16

1st Day The origin of the Universe, Earth and Light. (Day & Night)

2nd Day God created our atmosphere (sky, clouds, rain, snow, sleet, etc.

3rd Day God made dry land to appear, filling the earth with vegetative life. (Grass, herbs, trees, etc.)

4th Day God assigned 2 light holders (sun & moon). Created in verse 1 and assigned certain duties here to divide day/night, seasons (days & years) and distribute light upon the earth.

5th Day Origin of Marine animals and Fowls. God made animals to inhabit the waters (seas, lakes, streams) and Sky such as fish, reptiles, birds, ducks, etc.

6th Day God populated the Earth with land animals, and created Man.

Genesis 1:26

Man created by the Trinity (Us) (Our) after the image and likeness of God.
7th Day God rested and instituted the Sabbath.

Mark 2:27

God later put Man in the Garden of Eden, made him a woman or help meet and instituted Marriage. Note: The age of Adam at creation is unknown, though most scholars feel he may have been about thirty years old. If God created a thirty year old man though in reality he was one day old can not He make an aged world to be inhabited.

The Fall of Man  Chapter 3 & 4

1. The Temptation - Satan injected doubt in the woman's mind, suggesting the Word of God is not true, or that we have misinterpreted its meaning. (Note - The Devil is still up to his old tricks.)

2. The Penalties - Spiritual Death (separated from God)  Physical Death (soul separated from the body.)

3. Man's Sin - I Timothy 2:13-14

4. The Results - Their eyes were opened (eyes of the Soul) V. 7; Shame and Fear V. 10; A trial V. 9-13 and Passing Judgment Vs. 14-19.

5. The Grace of God - The promise of a Redeemer (V. 15) coming and dying for our sins. Place at the east of the Garden to find mercy V. 24.

6. Sons of Sin - Cain murders Abel and goes out from the Lord's presence.

Jude 1 Verse 11

Seth born to be the spiritual seed to take Abel's place.

The Flood Chapters 5 & 6

1. The descendants of Adam through Seth are given in Chapter 5.

2. In Chapter 6 we find the Godly descendants of Seth marrying the ungodly descendants of Cain.

I Corinthians 7:33

3. Genesis 6:7

Verse 8 - One man found grace in the eyes of the Lord - Noah.

St. Matthew 24:37

God makes a covenant with Noah in Chapter 9 and the token Rainbow was given. Note: This historical event explains the many fossils (animals, reptiles and dinosaurs) in the strata of the earth. The powerful waters created a multilayers of strata, proving a flood and disproving an ice age. Dinosaurs

The Tower of Babel

1. Chapter 10 contains the descendants of Noah.

2. Man failed to conform to God's will by staying together building themselves an Empire. They were failing to spread abroad and replenish the earth, so God confounded their languages which brought about Babel or (confusion).  Note: The different languages and ethnic groups of today are the result of the Babel crisis.

Abraham Chapters 12-25

I. His call - 12:1 and blessings 12:2-3. Note the 7 promises of God to Abraham.

1. I will make thee a great Nation.

2. I will bless thee.

3. I will make thy name great.

4. Thou shalt be a blessing.

5. I will bless them that bless thee.

6. I will curse them that curse thee.

7. In thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Our promise - Romans 8:31

A father of Faith. Read Hebrews 11:8-19

II. A promised son by Sarah at the age of 90 Chapter 21.

Isaac Chapters 24-26

1. Rebekah is chosen as a wife for Isaac Chapter 24.

2. The Father of twins Esau & Jacob - "Two Nations in womb" 25:23-26

Hebrews 11:20

3. Chapter 26 - God's covenant is confirmed.

Jacob Chapters 27-36

1. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob 25:29-34.

2. Jacob deceptively received his father's blessing. Chapter 27.

3. God's covenant confirmed 28:13-15.

4. Worked 14 years for Rachel Chapter 29.

5. The 12 sons of Jacob: Reuben Judah* Gad Zebulon Simon Dan Asher Joseph Levi Naphtoli Issachab Benjamin

6. Jacob's name is changed to Israel 32:28

Genesis 49:28

Joseph Chapters 37-50

1. He was the favored Son (37:3) and was given a coat of many colors.

2. His brothers sold him for 20 pieces of silver and Joseph was taken to Egypt. 37:20-36.

3. Falsely accused, imprisoned, he interprets Pharaoh's dream and was made ruler over Egypt. Chapter 39-42

4. God brought Israel to Egypt to make of them a great Nation at which time they numbered 55 (46:26) not counting Jacob's son's wives. Acts 7:14 counts all his kindred being 75 in number.

5. In order to give you an idea of the types and shadows of Christ of the Old Testament I offer these comparisons.

A. Both were beloved by their father. Genesis 37:3, Matthew 3:17

B. Both were shepherds. Genesis 37:2, St. John 10:11- 14.

C. Both were tempted. Genesis 39:7, Matthew 4:1

D. Both were sold for pieces of silver. Genesis 37:28, Matthew 26:15

E. Both were highly exalted after suffering. Genesis 41:41, Phil. 2:9-10

Genesis 50:24


1. How was man created?

2. How did he fall from this created state?

3. How was he to be redeemed?

4. What were the 4 main events?

5. Who are the 4 outstanding persons of the second part of Genesis?

Assignment for next week: Read Exodus - 6 Chapters each day.  If you are falling behind on your reading, don't become discouraged, skip a few chapters and catch up at a later date.

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