Lesson 3

The Book of Exodus

1. "Exodus" means "departure" or "Going out". A good word to use to remember the meaning is "Exit", although less than half of the book deals with Israel's departure for Egypt.

2. Exodus takes up where Genesis leaves off. The period between Joseph and Moses is covered by two verses, 1:6-7. Exodus describes how God delivered them from bondage. Redeeming them with blood (Passover) and power (Red Sea).

3. A miraculous population growth (75 to over 3,000,000). When Israel is lead out of Egypt there were 600,000 from twenty years old and upward, without counting the women and children. (12:37)

4. How long were the children of Israel in Egypt? Galatians 3:17, Exodus 12:40-41, Acts 7:6 and Genesis 15:13 must harmonize to answer this question. Paul in Galatians 3:17 says from the call to Abraham. Genesis 12:3 says until the law at Mount Sinai was 430 years. If dated from Isaac, Abraham's promised son you have 400 years. From the birth of Isaac to the birth of Jacob, 60 years. Genesis 25:26 and from thence to the coming of Jacob into Egypt, 130 years Genesis 47:9. Take 60 + 130 = 190. Then take 400 - 190 = 210 years in Egypt. The key to harmonizing the other 3 passages mentioned is to join the 400 years with the phrase "a stranger in a land not theirs". This includes the period of time when Abraham was a Pilgrim and Stranger in the Land of Cannon.

5. The Main Contents of Exodus

1. The Exodus - Chapters 1-18

2. The Law - Chapters 19-24

3. The Tabernacle - Chapters 25-40

The Exodus - Chapters 1-18

1. Preparation of the deliverer: A. Birth of Moses and 40 years in Pharaoh's house. Chapter 2 (Read Hebrews 11:23-29) B. Call of Moses - 40 years in Midian. Chapter 3 C. Return to Egypt to deliver Israel. Chapter 4 D. The Nine Plagues. Chapter 5-11

2. Deliverance wrought by Blood & Power: A. Institution of Passover - 10th plague (11:5) death of first born in Egypt. Chapter 12 1 Peter 1:19 B. 1. The Crossing of Red Sea - Chapter 14 2. The waters were a wall on right and left of them.

3. All the host of Pharaoh destroyed V. 28. 3. Marching to Mount Sinai: A. Song of Moses. Chapter 15 B. Exodus 16:2 C. Water miraculously supplied. Chapter 17 Compare 1 Cor. 10:4

The Law - Chapter 19-24 Romans 22:13

1. The Ten Commandments. Chapter 20:1-7 A. Set forth a Moral Standard.

2. Judgment Chapters 21-23 A. Governing Social Life B. Masters & Servants Chapter 21 C. Property rights Chapter 22 D. Sabbath and Feasts Chapter 23 .

3. Purpose of Law - NOTE A. Romans 7:13 Sin might become exceedingly sinful. B. Galatians 3:24 a schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ. C. Romans 3:19-20 To stop our mouths of boasting and to exploit our guiltiness before God. D. Deuteronomy 4:2-8 Gods standards of Righteousness and Holiness.  The Law amplified our inability to be as righteous as required by God, in turn, pointing us to Jesus Christ who kept the Law we fall short in keeping. Romans 8:3-4

The Tabernacle - Chapters 25-40 1. Built according to the pattern given to Moses. Chapter 25 2. The golden calf incident - Moses breaks the tables and the Idolators slain. Chapter 32 things we delayed. 3. Finally the Tabernacle is completed and reared up. Exodus 40:17 (This is since they left Egypt)
Note: The Tabernacle of Testimony in Exodus 38:21. Why testimony or witnesses? Because this tent was the depository of the testimonials; anything that was to be kept for a testimony was to be kept in the Ark of the Covenant. 1. Ten Commandments 2. Book of the Covenant 3. Aaron's rod that budded 4. Pot of Manna 5. (At a later date) The Brazen Serpent. Today God requires us to follow very strict guidelines, according to his pattern.  Please read Hebrews 8:1-5Hebrews 9:11

The "according to the pattern" not only applies to this sanctuary, but for its successor the Temple, and for the Temples successor, the Church on earth, and future successors, the Church in Glory. Read Acts 7:44-50. Place the furniture within the Tabernacle according to the pattern given in Exodus 40.


Questions1. What does Exodus mean?2. How long was Israel in Egypt?3. What are the 3 main subjects of Exodus? 1. 2. 3. 4. Why was the Law given? 5. Why was the Tabernacle called a Testimony?

Assignment for next week: Read Leviticus - try to average 5 Chapters per day.