The Book of Judges
1. The Book:
A. The Book of Judges takes its name from the contents. Judges not only ruled but brought deliverance and
salvation tot he people.
B. Judges covers 490 years of Dark ages for the people of Israel. It is also a crucial link between the period of
the Judges and the period of the Kings after the death of Joshua.
C. The author of this book is anonymous, but Samuel or one of his prophetic students may have written it.
D. The Key Word is CYCLES, based on repeated disobedience, destruction and defeat. The cycle is observed in five
- Sin
- Servitude (Bondage)
- Supplication
- Salvation (Deliverance)
- Silence
2. Survey of Judges:
Israel fails to complete the conquest which is their great sin. Instead of conquering the land, they
compromise. There are 3 main section:
Deterioration 1 - 2
Deliverance 3 - 17
Depravity 17 - 21
The book speaks of thirteen Judges. Of these, six stand out preeminently because the basic theme is centered on
six successive apostasies (sins). Six servitude (punishment), and six Judges (deliverers).

Chapter 1 - Explains how the periods of apostasy came about. Giving details of the repeated failure of all tribes to drive
out their enemies.
Chapter 2 - The judgment of God for not completing the conquest. Transgression of the Covenant. v. 16_______________


There are six episodes in these chapters in which Deliverance is needed. There are six Judges that brought Salvation
about. Their names are: Othniel, Ehud, Deborah & Barak, Gideon, Jephthah and Samson.
Note the cycle of events.
OTHNIEL (Southern)
Sin - 3:6-7__________________________________________________

Suffering - v. 8_____________________________________________

Supplication & Salvation v. 9________________________________
EHUD (Southern)
Sin - 3:12___________________________________________________

Supplication & Salvation v. 15_______________________________

DEBORAH & BARAK (Northern)
Sin - 4:1____________________________________________________

Supplication - v.3___________________________________________

Salvation - v.23_____________________________________________

GIDEON (Central)
Sin & Suffering - 6:1________________________________________

Supplication - v.6-7_________________________________________

Salvation - 8:28_____________________________________________

JEPHTHAN (Eastern)
Sin - 10:6___________________________________________________

Suffering - v. 7_____________________________________________

Supplication - v. 10 & 15____________________________________

Salvation - 11:29 & 33_______________________________________

SAMSON (Western)
Sin & Suffering - 13:1_______________________________________

Supplication - 15:11_________________________________________
Salvation - 16:30____________________________________________

The result of the cycles, Israel living like the Canaanites.
Chapter 17 Example of Personal Idolatry
Chapter 18 Example of Tribal Idolatry
Chapter 19 Example of Personal & Tribal Immorality
Chapter 20 & 21 There is Political confusion, war between Israel & Dan. Foolish vows
being made.
In the entire Book of Judges we see:
- The sinfulness of man
- Constant failure of man
1. Where does Judges get its name?


2. Explain the Cycle.


3. What character stands out in your mind and why?


4. Why were the Canaanites so dangerous to the people of


For Next Week:

Read the Book of Ruth and review your notes.