bullet My Sword & Shield - Pattersons.mp3
bullet My Hiding Place - The Pattersons.mp3
bullet Just A Sinner - The Pattersons.mp3
bullet He Worked A Miracle - The Pattersons.mp3
bullet Give Me Jesus.mp3
bullet The Old Time Religion - Pattersons.mp3
bullet What A Beautiful Day - The Pattersons.mp3
bullet The Macedonia Boys.mp3
bullet The Greesons.mp3
bullet The Joylanders - Singing only.mp3
bullet The Watkins Family.mp3
bullet Called Out At Victory.mp3
bullet Cumberland Valley Quartet - 9-30-2012.mp3
bullet DoReMi Singers - 7-29-2012.mp3
bullet Pedigo Family - 1-30-11.mp3
bullet Spear Family - 8-29-10.mp3
bullet Devin Shoulders - People Need The Lord.mp3
bullet Called Out Quartet - Homecoming Singing 2010
bullet I Stand Amazed In His Presence - Youth Weekend 7-10-10.mp3
bullet Give Me Jesus - Youth Weekend 7-10-10.mp3
bullet Revelation Song - Youth Weekend 7-10-10.mp3
bullet The Spurgeon.mp3
bullet Whitestone.mp3
bullet Mid-State Quartet.mp3
bullet Tennessee State Gospel Singing Convention Session1.mp3
bullet Tennessee State Gospel Singing Convention Session 2.mp3
bullet Tennessee State Gospel Singing Session 3.mp3
bullet Called Out 5th Sunday Part 1 March 29.mp3
bullet Called Out 5th Sunday Part 2.mp3
bullet Victory Choir Christ In Me.mp3
bullet Kate Sweat.mp3
bullet Devin Shoulders.mp3
bullet I Find Victory Devin.mp3
bullet He Died For Me-David Douglas.mp3
bulletThe Wilburns 5th Sunday Sing
bullet The Pedigo Family 5th Sunday Sing
bullet Glory Bound Quartet 5th Sunday Sing
bullet Kate Sweat "If That Isn't Love"
bullet He Died For Me David Douglas
bullet Behold The Lamb Of God David Douglas
bullet Sweet Lord Is Thy Spirit David Douglas
bullet Higher Ground David Douglas
bullet Flow Through Me Victory Trio
bullet Stepping On The Clouds
bullet Lighthouse
bullet Jeff Elliott
bullet Homecoming 2005 Called Out (60 minutes long)
bullet God Is More Victory Choir
bullet Singing In April "Called Out" #1
bullet Singing In April "Called Out" #2
bullet Victory Quartet
bullet Called Out Homecoming 2004 (30 Minutes long)
bullet Susan With Called Out Homecoming 2004
bullet Sandra Rawls "What Sin"
bullet Sandra Rawls "Count Your Blessings"
bullet I Just Want To Thank You Lord
bullet Called Out "I'll Be Waiting For You"
bullet Victory Trio "It's Still The Blood"
bullet Victory Trio "So Much Man"
bullet Gospel Singing In August ( 90 minutes long)
bullet When He Reigns It Pours
bullet Guilty Of Loving Me
bullet He Loved Me With A Cross
bullet Lowest Valley
bullet Mention My Name
bullet Someone Who Cares
bullet What A Meeting
bullet The Altar
bullet What A Savior
bullet I Have A Desire