The Truth About Islam
by Chris Woodard

It is often quoted how that in the eighth chapter of John, Jesus said, “…the truth shall make you free..” Christ went on to speak of the Devil as the father of lies. We read in the Ten Commandments how that we are not to make false accusations. Over and over we are taught in the Scriptures how that we are to be an honest people. In the fourteenth chapter of John’s Gospel, our Lord said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” It is clear that anything but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is unacceptable for the Christian.
The purpose of this article is not to debate Biblical Prophecy, nor is it by any means a defense of the Islamic faith. I do not subscribe to, nor do I endorse their doctrines. I believe in the teachings of the Holy Bible alone as our rule of Faith and Practice. I firmly believe in the atoning blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ as our only source of salvation. In following the teachings of Christ, however, I have recently become very distraught at the attitude and comments from some members of sound Baptist churches. CHRIST AS OUR EXAMPLE
I have received several emails and heard some comments from Brothers and Sisters that seemed rather un-Christian in tone. We as Americans have felt the blow of several horrific events over the past few years carried out in the name of Islam. The most visible and troubling, no doubt, being the horrendous attacks on September 11, 2001. Since this time there has been a variety of responses. Some have been positive and some negative. Although the great revival of spirituality spoken of in the media did not actually take place, there were some brought genuinely closer to God as a result. There were others, however, who have harbored undeserved malice and hatred toward everyone of Mid-Eastern descent, or also anyone of the Islamic faith. If any reader recognizes himself or herself as having such attitudes, I sincerely plead with you to pray about this matter.
It is certainly true that those who have carried out such acts in the past have done evil deeds. If we look at Christ as our example, however, we are forced to think of his prayer atop Calvary. He did not cry out to God the Father to damn those Romans or Jews. He cried out a prayer of forgiveness. In Romans 12 we are taught to overcome evil with good. In Mathew 5:44 Jesus said “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” Never in the Holy Scriptures is there any room for hate speech. We are certainly to hate sin as God hates sin, but we are to love sinners as Christ loves sinners. God forbid that Christians forget that we are all born under the curse of sin. The most pious among us was born a potential murderer and thief. I mourn the loss of life and tremendous stress so many have experienced as a result of such events. I mourn most of all for the reality that so many have died without a saving knowledge of Christ. The Bible teaches us that regardless of race, or religion, we all need Jesus! Let us keep that in mind. The third chapter of John doesn’t say that God so loved many nations. He loved THE WORLD.
I am afraid the negative attitudes come from ignorance; this is often the case in such matters. Throughout this nation’s turbulent history of poor race relations Baptist churches have held to the biblical truth that we are all equal in God’s eyes. Paul clearly states in Romans 2:11 that “…there is no respect of persons with God.” The explanation for anyone who has developed, or sustained a hatred for people of Arabic descent is obviously ignorance of God’s Holy Word. If it is not out of ignorance, then it is willful disobedience to the Almighty God! Unfortunately it is just like the race wars between blacks and whites in America. Unless those Christians who have these prejudices change their ways, the hatred will most likely be perpetuated in their children. It has taken decades to get where we are with racial equality (which is the Biblical view) I am afraid this is a huge step backwards.
Another area of great ignorance is of the Islamic religion. Individuals have made hateful comments addressed at all Muslims having no idea of the Islamic teachings, or their variance around the world. Many have blamed the whole religion for the actions of a few. (Again I remind the reader that I am not defending their doctrines as truth.) In a world where people are now endorsing such heresies as embracing homosexuality in the name of Christianity, how can we automatically judge all Muslims as supporting terrorism? I spoke with a particular man who was a professing Christian who denounced all Muslims as directly or indirectly supporting terrorism in the name of Islam. This man never read any Islamic literature, nor had conversations with Muslims about such. He had no basis for his statement except to quote others who were also ignorant. I hate to think how many share his skewed view. I heard a so-called Baptist preacher say that all he needed to know about Islam was in a crater in New York City. This is the equivalent of saying; all I need to know about Christianity is in the confirmation of an openly gay bishop. Does that reflect your views? If you give refuge to such emotions when confronted with the truth; the example of Christ, I question your motive. The Bible teaches us that at Salvation, the Lord writes his laws of love on our heart. There is no love in some of what I have been hearing.
I myself have done quite a lot of research on the religion. I have read portions of the Quran and other writings of Muslims. In addition I have had many conversations with Muslims both from America and from the Middle East. To say that all Muslims practice the same religion alike is as broad a generalization as saying everyone claiming Christianity is of the same order. I would caution anyone to be sure of what you are speaking before making accusations about anyone, not just Muslims.
Some may be wondering at this point what my true purpose is. Some perhaps wonder why I take such offense on this issue. I like many before me and many after took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. A part of our freedom surely is our religious liberty. I sincerely pledged my life upon entering the United States Armed Forces to uphold this principle. I continue to take this seriously and passionately. I strongly support the right of Muslims to practice their faith freely until or unless they cross the line of legality, just as anyone else.
Beyond this, as an American Baptist I stand on over 200 years of history. “The Trail of Blood” by J.M. Carroll reminds us that Baptists established the first American Colony to include religious liberty in its constitution. Jesus said that God loved the whole world in John chapter 3. He paid no attention to the aristocratic society of his day. Christ taught us that every man is our neighbor in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. His compassion was for everyone, yet he forced himself on no one. We as Baptists have always held to this principle after the example of Christ. This nation would not have religious freedom were it not for the Baptists. That is historical fact, not opinion. True Baptists dare not depart from Biblical truth and the legacy of those who were persecuted and martyred that we might worship freely!
The real issue is that Muslims need Jesus. All people need Jesus. We should reach out in love to try and share the Gospel of Christ to everyone we come in contact with. It doesn’t matter what religion they are. We cannot draw a distinction based on denomination. We all need Jesus! We certainly know that during the Dark Ages there were far more Christians tortured and killed than what the terrorist Muslims have done. The Bible says we are all equally lost in God’s eyes before we are saved. If the truth be known, there is no more actual difference between a sound Baptist and an average Muslim, than the same Baptist and any given Protestant or Jew or Catholic. In John 10:1 Jesus said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” There is no way of Salvation other than faith in Jesus. Any other way is not true, period. Everyone is on a level playing field.
What we must do is find the truth about people so that we can share the Truth of Jesus with them. I encourage you the reader to learn about the people whom you commonly are in contact with. If they are another faith, find out what they believe so that you may better witness to them. The best way is to ask them. If you approach people honestly and openly, they will likely respond. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU COMPROMISE ON YOUR BELIEFS. This means that you do not ignorantly and falsely accuse them. Read some of their literature if it is available. The Internet is full of information about most any religion. I caution the reader to be careful with reading information or websites that are written to be against whichever religion you are researching. Often times this information can be skewed or just plain false. I pray that God will use my words for his glory! My only purpose is to reach out to a lost world and offer them Jesus. Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”
Let me leave you with this thought that was put before a group of children at a VBS. The children were asked if Osama Bin Laden came to our church and asked to preach claiming that he had been saved and called of God to carry the gospel, would he be allowed. Most of them of course were very adamant against the possibility. Then they were asked how do you think the first century Christians felt when Paul, (formerly Saul), came to them. You see he is known now as one of the most beloved apostles, but then he was known as a terrorist and persecutor of Christians.



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