I must beg the forgiveness of my readers, and all others who might have profited from the information here presented, for my tardiness in presenting this work to the public in print. Most of this information could have been published more than two decades ago. By no measure is it as complete as abundant available information could make it. For that reason this volume is being published as "Volume 1" of Fundamental Error in the sincere hope that capable brothers will publish later volumes. At this time, much of Volume 2 has already been put in manuscript by a very capable hand other than mine, and a third capable brother has spoken of pursuing a follow up on the other "horn of this same dragon" which was only lightly mentioned in this text. These have my commendation, and I solicit your prayers in their behalf that they will not be as hindered as I have been these many years from showing the public what they have discovered. Our sole motive in these efforts, regardless of what some critics may think, was summed up in the words of one of the most holy elderly saints it was ever my privilege to serve as pastor. Once when a few church members were not very happy with my exposure of some historical facts, Sister Margaret Board consoled me much with her advice, "Brother Reynolds, if it is the truth, then it needs to be told!"  May God bless her memory!

      With malice toward none and despite acknowledged imperfection, I commend these truths to all who read or hear them. May God use them to your profit, and His.


                                     Elder  J. A. Reynolds,

                                      September 21, 2005

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