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His wife is a bargain!

No church ever had a better bargain than a good pastor's wife. She comes with the pastor when he is called. Without her, most churches would not have called the pastor. She is considered, both directly and indirectly, in the "package".

She stands forever one step behind her pastor_mate in establishing and keeping a warm relationship with the church family.

She keeps the home fires burning for her pastor_mate and their children. This is no small task since she lives in a glass house which most every member watches with keen interest.

She answers the phone, again and again, and again. She is the pastor's second voice. She listens and listens and listens. She hears criticisms, complaints, affirmations, and compliments. She is expected to remember every comment or every call and relay it to the pastor. Her voice should always be cheery on the phone.

She is often the pastor's visitation companion and helper. If he is not available, she is sometimes expected to take his place in any crisis.

She is a teacher, counselor, leader, mother, wife, housekeeper, chauffeur, example and burden_bearing friend to her pastor_mate.

She is to always smile, always look attractive, always be where she is supposed to be, when she is supposed to be there, and on time.

All this is to be done just because she is the pastor's wife, without pay, complaint, commendation or recognition . . . an impossible task. May God's grace and church member support always be sufficient. (Author Unknown)