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My Testimony

Ellie Pryor

Bartlett, TN

On March 5, 1994, Brother Tim was helping me with my pool, and the week past it seemed like everything was going wrong. I looked at Brother Tim and said "Why doesn't God give me a break?" His answer was, "Why don't you give me a break and come to church tomorrow?" He had asked me in the past, but never pushed me.

That morning I woke early not really thinking about going to church, but something kept bringing it to my mind. I thought of all the reasons why I didn't feel like going. Needless to say, I got dressed and went.

The day I walked into Landmark Baptist Church I knew I belonged there. I felt at peace and did not want to leave. I could not wait for the night services. I was burdened with lots of troubles. I went through a lot of soul searching.

My heart was heavy, I could not eat or sleep. I prayed for God to take me in his hands and show me the way. This was all new to me and I had a hard time understanding what was happening.

I came home from work on Thursday, May 6, 1994 very disturbed and ready to give up. I told Brother Tim in the yard that I was too old for this and went into the house and cried my heart out. I felt I was not worthy. Brother Tim and Angie came over later in the evening and we prayed till late.

After they left I knew that I would not give up and I told Jesus so.

On Sunday morning, May 8th I woke at 4 a.m. I felt strange. I cannot explain it, but I knew today I would be saved. I do not remember walking down to the altar, but I do remember praying harder than I ever had. I remember hearing someone saying "Let Go", then it happened. I felt like my whole body was as light as a feather and I was floating on air. It was the most beautiful day. I joined the church that night.

I am so proud to say I was baptized on May 15, 1994 by Brother Tim Binion, who was the Pastor of Landmark Baptist Church. This day will always be special in my life. I found a new family of brothers and sisters who showed so much care and prayers that helped me through all of my troubles. I never knew that there was so much love in this world, but I will say Landmark Baptist Church is full of love.

I thank God for the day I walked into Landmark Baptist Church.