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Quote Me On That

At the Kehukee Baptist Association in 1787 a pious deacon bent on giving his minister a "living support" asked what course should be pursued with members who refused to contribute. To this the association replied:

It is our opinion that it is the member's duty voluntarily to contribute to the minister's support, and if the deacon discovers any member remiss in his duty that he shall cite him to the church; and if the church finds him negligent in his duty, we give it as our advice, that the church should deal with him for covetousness. (Kehukee Association page 90)

Alas, it seems that it was only the rare church that had such a deacon. In the greater number, deacons and other members alike were ready to cry out against the preacher who had regard for filthy lucre. Covetousness indeed, as the future proved, covetousness of members generally rather than of the preachers, was what was really the matter with many churches of the Kehukee Association.

(North Carolina Baptist History page 506)