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The God Players
by Elder Jerry Reynolds


There is a refined characteristic among a small percentage of humans which is the ultimate in Satanic desire. Deceptive because it appears noble, a desire to unduly influence or control the destinies of fellow men is in fact a usurpation of Divine prerogative. Reluctant leaders, fearful of their inabilities because of honest humility, often prove themselves of great benefit to the world. This occurs not because of their inability, but rather because of the superior resources of wisdom and truth to which that honest self assessment and resulting humility compels them. Whereas our nation was founded and was guided heretofore largely by these latter types, the twentieth century has been cursed by the rise and prominence of many of the former. Only now are the tragic results of their influences beginning to surface in society, and the worst is yet to come.
William J. Bryan wisely wrote in 1922 of his fears of the "demoralization" inevitable with public "acceptance of a brute ancestry." In the same book, In His Image, that great statesman essentially predicted the horrible outcome of Nietzsche's "superman" philosophy among German eugenicists which we since observed as the Nazi "Holocaust." Greater evil than that, at least in numbers, has now come to America in the thirty million legal abortions made possible by the god-playing of a few activist judges. This abortion of justice is only one of many crimes these impudent lawyers will face in their arraignment before the Judge of all men.
Academia has become the "Trojan horse" of the American republic. The fortress of the Christian American family would have required centuries to breach had God and self-reliance remained the foremost trusts of this unique society. Distrust of all human agencies, from government to press, both regarded at best as necessary evils, promoted a fierce resistance to any move toward centralization. Like Israel before the kings, "every man did that which was right in his own eyes." Dan could be polluted with Canaanite idolatry, but that pollution needed not influence Judah or Simeon. In contrast, when King Solomon pleased his wives by bringing idolatry into Jerusalem, that influence plagued the whole nation continually until they were purged of it by their seventy years of slavery in Babylon 500 years later.
Rapid change of cultural traits are possible only by violent upheaval or profound interruption of parent to child education. The latter has occurred in America in less than a century. How? Anti-Christian scholars waited in American universities like water behind a dam in the early years of this century. With home-schooled Christian leaders like Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson preaching from the "bully pulpit" of the presidency in honor of the American church and home, an outlet for the flood tide of infidelity had to be discovered. Darwin, Marx, and Freud, all atheists, who were to become the three most influential philosophers in twentieth century America, were then generally shut out of the American consciousness. Only in higher academic levels were such ideas given any degree of equality with accepted beliefs.
Satan perceived that American love and respect for the truth of all things provided a weakness toward education which might serve as a channel of entrance into the American home and mind for these and other new philosophies. Waldenses living in twelfth century medieval Europe were very literate amidst nations of ignorant, illiterate, superstitious, feudal, Catholic peasants. Alexis De Tocqueville marveled in the 1830's at almost universal literacy among Americans in the United States. Even rustic pioneers on the frontier averaged far greater literacy than any comparable people in any other nation. How were such incomparable literacy rates achieved without government sponsored schools, which to that date were virtually nonexistent? True Christians have always promoted high literacy as a means to pursue truth. This fact should come as no surprise to anyone. The ancient Hebrew Moses produced six extraordinary books of historical, literary, theological and scientific value while the vaunted Greeks and Romans were yet unknown barbarian tribes, God's people never ceased to add to this incomparable library of written wisdom until Christian Jew John Boanerges penned the last chapter about 100 a.d.
Great success of American public education which developed from 1830 to 1960 was due largely to a "hands off" government policy. Until vast consolidation in the 1950's, schooling, at least through
grade eight, was chiefly a parental and local community project. Elementary school consolidation may well be the worst social error our society has ever made. This action played wonderfully into the hands of forces of evil well advanced already with the project of subverting our tranquil republic with elements of Darwinism, Marxism, Freudism, and other God-hating "isms."
A.C.L.U. and other such anti-Christian forces were already challenging every law which limited licentious behavior and evil doctrines, the acceptance of which begets wickedness. Future judges, journalists, and teachers were receiving heavy doses of these dogmas and other such challenges to traditional Americanism at university. Depression scared "democrats" were following the F.D.R. policy of rapid government intrusion into matters before held off-limits to federal powers by constitution and American tradition. Ancient distrusts of government and press were rapidly disappearing even while ability of both forces were increasing manifold by way of electronic media.
Beginning in the 1950's federal government policy began to take over local schools in the name of civil rights mandates, while university trained federal judges began a process of removing most state and local barriers to the transmission of vile and malignant communications, also in the name of "civil rights." That very Bill of Rights, so sought and fought for by Baptists and other Christian minds as a guarantee that truth-telling could not be persecuted by law, was being regularly twisted to tie the hands it was supposed to liberate and to free the hands which need to be tied by the legislation of local citizens.
A chronic lack of honest journalism has contributed more than anything to the deception of our citizens in their acceptance of these horrible changes. Failure of public education to preserve the FACTS of history for the good of our children has enabled them to accept these media lies. Propaganda has become normal fare instead of propagation of truth!
In the 1920's infidels chafed under the puritan restrictions in America while good people enjoyed incomparable peace, tranquility, freedom, and prosperity. But these infidels were not mentally or physically lazy! Every door they could open to the ideas of Marx, Darwin, Freud, and other atheists and anti-Christians, they opened.
Hollywood was tame at that time, but its potential was not unnoticed. Immorality and licentiousness have always been popular within the fantasy worlds of artists, entertainers, and story-book writers. This would be exploited once society and law could somehow be changed to permit almost unbridled "freedom of expression."
To justify admission of heretofore restricted evils into American thought these evil theories must be disguised as "science." Darwin laid the foundation of origins and existence by so-called "science" to embolden atheism. Marx sprang from this springboard to formulate his science of social evolution, thereby justifying a century of experiment with socialism and communism trying to atheistically and humanistically remake humanity. Freudians, in similar fashion, explained away human inclination to imitate animals by uninhibited submission to mating instinct, while blaming almost all ill human behavior on conscious and unconscious primordial sexual motivation. Regardless of the intent of these men, such are the results of their writings upon society. From these, academics and professed "intellectuals" almost everywhere jumped on the increasingly popular bandwagon of puritan-bashing "science." Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology, all supposedly undergirded by Archaeology and Paleontology (all five inexact semi-sciences, and too often pseudo-scientific), today infect almost every cell of American culture. None of these regard human beings for what we really are - immortal, spiritual, sinful, and morally accountable beings, temporarily housed in animal bodies. How can any "science" of human mind and society be accurate when it fundamentally errs regarding the very nature of the sole subject of its study?
It would have required centuries for all of the combined anti-Christian forces of false religion, arts and entertainment, and worldly powers to change our culture as it has been changed in less than 100 years without this false "science" factor and its promotion by popular media and government sponsored schools.
In 1923 Margaret Mead was sent by Professor Franz Boas to Samoa to find what he wished her to find, evidence that puritan Christian morality is indeed the culprit in causing conflict, between adolescents and their parents, and within the adolescent mind. Sexual promiscuity of Polynesian culture was already legendary because of exaggerated boasts of rowdy European sailors and writers. Mead obliged "anthropology" with a steamy "soap opera" entitled Coming of Age In Samoa. This catapulted her to lifelong fame as a "scientist," anthropologist, and influential professor and writer in academia. The book itself is full of flaws and holes, judging by nothing more than the internal evidence falling upon common sense. Regardless, the idea that total sexual promiscuity of adolescent girls in any society could largely remove all "generation gap" conflicts with parents, and neuroses derived from pent-up inner conflicts, while visiting no reportable evil consequences upon that society has absurdity for the least of its obvious conclusions. That very idea, popularly pursued in our society for the past thirty years, has spawned horrible consequences. Among them are a 30% illegitimatecy rate still climbing, a 50%+ divorce rate, 30 million murders by abortion, death and expense from a venereal disease called AIDS, a lucrative psychiatrist trade, sky-rocketing crime, plunging test scores, and Hell enlarging her borders without measure. The "black" sub-culture has been hurt most by this lying infidel dogma, having acquired nearly a 70% illegitimacy rate and, as a direct result of so many fatherless children, chronic low test scores and high crime rates among their boys and young men. This discrepancy is not racial, but is largely due to their behavior being most like Mead's Samoan fantasy.
At age 23, after writing this fantasy, Mead embarked upon a career of imitating that type of promiscuity she praised in her book. A married woman since she was 17, she found the man on shipboard coming home whom she would soon divorce her "student husband" to marry. Soon after, during an adventure in New Guinea with this second husband, she left him to take up residence with her third. As Madalyn O'Hair reportedly articulated a half century later, "I will have sexual intercourse with any consenting male any time and any where I please." Hugh Hefner similarly challenged the whole society with his lifestyle in the 1960's which he also very successfully sold to young single American men by advertising it in his "Playboy" magazine.
Through incessant propaganda from Hollywood, communications media, and academia this libertine freedom has become a civil and unalienable constitutional right in the minds of many Americans. Even a president can do it, with impunity, according to the most vocal press and their poll claims.
Yet uncontent with her undeserved great fame and her shameful promiscuity, Margaret Mead's greatest sin is defined in Romans 1:32 as the ultimate degree of depravity. Her greatest pleasure was found in selling her licentious philosophy to teenagers, your children and mine. Near the end of her life she reveled in the honor given her genius by college students who blessed her with this compliment, "you are one of us," meaning, instead of one of the adult establishment. While denying this compliment, she loved it too much to hide it. Having had the audacity to write about the "generation gap" she helped as much as anyone to cause, she strengthened the rebellion of our youth by justifying their departure from parents' customs as necessary, inevitable, and wise. The "postfigurative" model of education, she wrote, by which for 6000 years children learned mostly from parents and grandparents, was no longer sufficient. The "configurative" model was of necessity taking over, where most learning comes from "peers" rather than parents. She argued that rapid changes in our world left parents completely unqualified to teach their children. Thus peers must take up that slack. She further predicted that the configurative model must soon give way to the "prefigurative" model, where most of the learning must come from "the future." This last statement defies the comprehension of all common sense minds until one sees through HER meaning, which she did not adequately explain. We see it coming to pass today. She was NOT directing her young admirers to God or His prophets, who only know the future, but rather she was conditioning them to obey the flood of soon coming secular-humanistic pseudo-scientists who would teach them how they can become their own saviors. We are now entering that FATAL stage of education. "Save the planet!" "Save all the species!" "Save the atmosphere! "Save all the cultures! "Save all the lifestyles! "Save all languages!" "Religions are all equally inventions of men and therefore equally culturally relevant!" "Morals are all relative, being all the inventions of men!" Such like, ad infinitum! A totally new set of moral commandments are replacing God's laws, which have been outlawed in the classroom as an added aid to their mission. These new humanistic commands are promoted incessantly. WHO has revealed this "future," from which our children must become their own saviors? These are the gods and goddesses Mead must have been referring to. Whether she understood this or not, Satan certainly did! Having too successfully eliminated the True and Living God from youthful American consciousness, these few god-players have calculated an evolving future and are telling our youth how they should attempt to control it. They will soon prove themselves fools by the failure of their own experiment. Why, then, should we not leave them alone to do so? It is because they have chosen our children to be their guinea pigs for this experiment. Thus the harm and loss to our youth in the process will be unspeakable, unless God and truth intervene to stop their activities.
Even themselves are deceived, thinking themselves noble for their dedication to shaping destiny, not knowing that they are walking in the footsteps of a master they do not believe exists. In so doing they have infuriated their rightful Master whose existence they also ignore. Satan walked this very path before them. He was the first creature in the universe who tried to become a god. For this conceit and the error thereof he and his deceived are awaiting the sentence of eternal banishment and its exquisite torments by the decree of a justly angry and infinitely powerful Creator.