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(In Memory of Elder Larry Taylor)

By Elder Jerry Miller

Not long ago, in October of 1994, at a funeral home in Greenwood, Indiana I had gathered together with a number of people, both family and friends of Elder Larry Taylor, that we might honor his memory by showing our last respects.

As Elder Billy Moran brought the message during that service, he referred to one particular verse of scripture that I felt was very well suited to the occasion. He quoted what King David said concerning the death of Abner ("Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel."). I considered Brother Taylor to be a prince among men because of his love for the Lord, the Church, lost souls, the Brotherhood and his family.

When J.M. Pendleton wrote his book Christian Doctrines, he said in his preface that as he sent his book out, his only desire of posthumous fame was that for those who might read it and benefit from it, should kindness someday prompt them to visit his grave, that they might simply thank God he lived.

I am thankful that Larry Taylor lived, and I am thankful for the type of life that he lived. I am thankful that I was privileged to know this very diligent servant of God.

Brother Taylor suffered his first heart attack while he was in his thirties and was forced to live with that ailment. However, he never allowed it to stop him from honoring the call he had received from God to preach the gospel. As long as Brother Taylor was up and around and was not forced to be lying in a hospital, he could always be found preaching the gospel with great enthusiasm. These type of people are always missed when they are gone.

I am confident that if Brother Taylor could know that I am saying these things he would blush at my every word, because he never sought for recognition or praise from men. I could see in him at times the wisdom of Solomon that the Queen of Sheba came to hear, the courage of David as he faced Goliath, the faith of Elijah as he challenged Baal's prophets, and the love that Paul wrote to the Corinthians about.

Elder Larry Taylor labored in the gospel ministry for over thirty years, until at the age of 55 God called him home to rest from his labors. He will no doubt be sorely missed by his family, and by all those that had come to know and love him. I had a great time of fellowship with Brother Taylor and look forward to an even greater time.


By the late Elder Larry Taylor

Is God concerned with mere man?

With a single, vile, undeserving soul?

While ruling the universe, do you think He can,

Consider the ant as part of the whole?

His knowledge is vast compared to man

Greater than all knowledge in all earth's books

And all that great scholars can ever understand.

Why then, on man, would God even look?

God's knowledge is all earth's oceans,

And man is a tiny grain of salt

But to compare thus is just a notion

For even with this there is a fault

In this simile, the oceans are too small,

And the salt too large to ever compare,

For God, eternal is All and in all.

How could man matter? How could he fare?

While creating the infinite reaches of space

He was forming, separately, each grain of sand.

While placing each star, it was no disgrace

That each atom was made by the same great hand.

His power is unlimited by things so vast

But also unlimited by the tiniest little dove.

"But what about man?" some may continue to ask.

Why, the creation was for man! This is God's love!

It wasn't for planets that He sent His son.

It wasn't for the largest or even the best.

It was for man when He said, "It is done."

His death and His blood will stand eternity's test.

When the heavens and earth have all passed away,

When time has expired and there are no more days,

Man, in heaven, then forever will stay

With the great God of Love,........Forever and always.