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by Elder Lynn Stapleton

Huntingdon, TN

In an attempt to express concern for his countrymen, the prophet Jeremiah said, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." (Jer. 8:20) Jeremiah recognized a great opportunity had passed them by. Prophets in Biblical times were given divine inspiration to see the future and were instructed to warn the people. The divinely inspired word of God is filled with examples so that we should not make the same mistakes our forefathers made and pass up opportunities to reach the lost.

In West Tennessee, our summer season is ended and with it what we call "Revival Season", has ended also. There have been souls saved but not nearly the numbers we have seen in past years. Perhaps we have missed a great opportunity. The saints of God should be upon their knees appealing to the Savior for a great spiritual revival, because the heart and soul of revival is what is done in the seasons preceding them by earnest Christians and not by spiritual surfers.

Surfing is a sport enjoyed in coastal areas where the waves of the sea come rolling to shore. The

surfer catches a big wave and rides it for a thrilling ride. Revivals are enjoyable and much desired which is evidenced by the great numbers that attend these meetings. A lot of people today are simply riding the big wave during revival.

The success of revivals is largely due to the fact

that more preparation is put into them than for a regular worship service. By example Jesus taught His disciples that prayer, fasting, self-denial, and regular attendance at God's house were necessary to obtain spiritual power to serve God. The Scriptures also demonstrate that a large portion of the crowds followed Jesus for the bread and the fishes but had no heart for the work involved in obtaining them.

If God is merciful, summer will come again and another revival season will come with it. This season's opportunity is past, summer is ended, and many still remain lost. Perhaps brethren, if we are faithful in prayer and preparation, God will grant us a great revival with a wonderful harvest of lost souls. And yes, the surfers will be back to catch the wave as well. But if we are truly sincere in our prayer and preparation the surfers will be converted also.