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Judy Elliott _ Palmer, Alaska

We all know the day we're saved

We have a job to do.

God needs preachers and singers

He needs fervent prayers, too.

There's a job He has for some to do

That others don't recognize

Someone to care for that preacher man

She follows God through his eyes.

She's to go where he's led

Without a complaint

Leave family and friends,

In well_doing never faint.

God's called to her to stand by him

When the way gets rough.

He needs to know there's always someone

Who won't leave when they've had enough.

Though the way is often hard

The Lord always knows

And provides special blessings

Wherever she goes.

Then for many there comes a day

When the job they've always known

Comes to an end _

Their preacher has been called home.

Now after 30, 40 years or more,

What's her job now?

"Dear God this is harder than those early years."

"What should I do? And, oh Lord, how?

She has a job for the Lord,

Something brand new.

It takes time to learn her place

And just what she's to do.

With a heart full of pain

And so much emptiness

She must start a new life

And try to do her best.

The Lord will walk with her

She's served as she should.

He'll help her to do things

She thought she never could.

We always remember the men of God

Who preached for years and years.

They've gone to heaven to be with God

They'll never shed anymore tears.

She waits to go, too, where the pain will be gone

And there's no more work to do.

But now once again, with quiet sacrifice,

She'll seek His will to do.

We honored her husband who followed God's call

Let's honor the one in the wings.

With much love and prayers from those she loves,

God will help her to do the right things.